Scotland is a very, very good place to be a knitter. I feel fortunate that I learned the craft in a country with such a rich knitting history (plus it helps that Scotland gets a lot of sweater weather!)

On Saturday I took the train to Glasgow with my boyfriend. We headed toward Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, which contains a wonderful collection of exhibits that commemorate life in Glasgow and Scotland, along with a very fun natural history museum. I had visited once before, but there’s always more to appreciate at museums. On this particular visit, I was enamored with the appearance of knitting and wool – a must for any self-respecting Scottish museum.

Socks knit from wool from Soay sheep on St Kilda

Wool carders

Balls of Soay wool – and a rather handsome gull

And, best of all, there was a sheep!

Plus spinning wheel.

After Kelvingrove, my boyfriend headed to a seminar he had planned to attend that day in Glasgow, and I took a leisurely stroll up to the city’s West End, to re-visit another old flame: The Yarn Cake. My first trip there, in April of 2011, led to the happy purchase of two very lovely hanks of wool. But, despite being shiny, bouncy, wooly goodness, I have yet to knit anything with them! So, whilst I immediately fell in love with some exquisite grey alpaca silk, I ultimately chose to savor the taste of their plum crumble cake alongside a pot of breakfast tea, as my indulgence of the day.

I sat and stared at the yarn while I knit away on a shawl – it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. An outing to The Yarn Cake makes me want to re-visit the yarn bought the first time around. Perhaps for my next project.