With knitting, I like a bit of yin and yang, some balance. Are you like me? Do you oscillate between small, manageable projects and the larger, more ambitious WIPs? My woolen dreams are full of jumpers, cardigans, and dresses, but my collection of finished objects is chock-a-block with hats and gloves, along with small toys and decorations. Budget plays a big factor, as I can afford to stash the odd ball of sock yarn, but not 10 skeins of DK for a sweater. But, I can hardly finish a sweater without completing a few cheeky smaller projects in the meanwhile.

I’ve been working away at socks a lot lately, and there’s a shawl I’ve had on the needles for over a year that I want to complete. But, I still set it all down to make a twee little cover for my french press. After all, warm coffee is often required to motivate those knitting muscles.

Project name: Sumatra
Pattern name: Cable-and-Bobble Coffee Press Cover