My green sock is coming along well – we have a heel!

Also on the needles – and disobeying my recent attempt to minimize the number of projects I’m working on to less than three – is a coffee press cover. This project also broke my “no more yarn” rule, but as I had given away all of my acrylic, and the yarn was 50p in a charity shop bin, I think I’ll let myself off with a mere slap on the wrists. No point using lovely sheep’s wool for something likely to end up stained and possibly felted by coffee spills.

The sock and shawl I’ve been working on are too complex for social knitting, so this project should be nice to have around for my Thursday night knitting group. Also – those are straight needles! I use almost entirely circulars these days; the weight of the wool hanging on the straights takes some adjusting to right now.