Hello, and apologies for the absence.

Let me show you my current work-in-progress:

I picked up some Sweet Georgia Yarn whilst visiting Santa Cruz, California. In my experience, California is blessed with so many good yarn shops; The Swift Stitch is a highlight (make the experience sweeter with a trip to the neighboring French bakery.)

The rich, emerald green of the wool caught my eye immediately. I should have had colors of the sea on my mind, though. I always find the ocean inspiring.

Despite the allure of big-budget action films, shopping malls, and video games, it seems that a trip to the beach is still a real treat, unchanged by any introduction of technology or pop-culture. By the sea, we all seem compelled to delight in the feeling of soft sand under our feet and salt water on our eyelashes. So very basic. So very satisfying.

The pattern I’ve chosen, Effervesce, isn’t very basic at all, but it’s still satisfying. The bubbling motif befits a wool once graced with an ocean view.