Leah from goodenoughknits has posted an entry with her 2011 knitting round-up, and I felt inspired to do the same!

I think I had a very productive year. There is even an additional jumper that is sadly photoless, because I can’t get a halfway decent shot of it. True, my fair isle sweater was mostly knit in 2010 but put together in 2011; I justify adding it because I have a sweater that is half a sleeve from completion, that will be added to my 2012 total!

A few knitting goals for 2012:

1. Colors! I am in awe of any project that incorporates more than two colors. My color sense is seriously lacking, but I think it’s time to challenge myself and try something more complicated.
2. Make an Aran jumper. I have a few different queued and often “favorite” them on Ravelry, but have yet to make one of my own. One peek at Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting in the bookshop the other day has rekindled my interest in the topic. Her patterns are lovely, but I really enjoyed her detailed and illustrated tutorial on creating different types of cables. She reaches a depth on the topic that is really rare in knitting books. I hope to pick it up at some point.
3. Knit a Jared Flood pattern. There are many I want to make, and I’m curious as to how his patterns are written.
4. Knit a pattern from Rowan 42, which I bought 2 years ago and still re-read for pleasure, but have yet to knit from!
5. My wardrobe is craving a few more pairs of hand-knitted socks.

Happy New (Knitting) Year, everyone!