I have been hibernating for quite a long while. University always manages to invade every moment of my life, not just in the hours spent revising, but more importantly in the hours spent thinking I should be revising. I find turning my course “off” to be quite a challenge at times. Although I reckon I deserve to spend my evenings relaxing and knitting after a full day cramming a lot of information in my head, somehow I can’t quite avoid the guilt associated with taking pictures of my knitting and creating a blog post about it. It takes a lot of time that I don’t think I really have.

But here I am. I’m outside the flat and the city, trying to accomplish something at the study room at my University. I just finished a spreadsheet on a terribly dull topic. I need to think about a bit of knitting to elevate my spirits!

The Winter 2011 edition of the Twist Collective was released a few weeks back. Typically, in the annual cycle of knitting publications, late Autumn and Winter editions are my favorite. Woolly knits and cold weather are obvious bedfellows, and designers seem to really dig into heavy cables and double-thickness fairisle patterns with vigor. As an added bonus, winter usually corresponds with Holiday gift-giving, and thus NEW YARN. I have been very good about burning through some of my stash during the past few months, but I wouldn’t say no to something to liven up the collection.

Here are a few of my favorite patterns from the collection:


There are so many options when looking for fairisle mittens, but I think the patterns for these really “pops.” A quirky Selbu/Aztec hybrid.


Beautifully feminine shape with enough details in the right places. Perhaps the cashmere is what has really caught my eye, but this looks like something that could be easily thrown on throughout the cold months, especially with longer sleeves. If I lived a life that involved holiday events, this would have been nice to make for the Christmas party season.


In a DK-weight yarn, this would be heavy enough for winter, and pleasingly open. The lace pattern is sort of art deco, as well.


My initial attraction to this cozy-looking pullover was the neckline. I actually own something very similar, complete with two over-size buttons at the bottom half of the neck, and I wear it most evenings when I’m in my pajamas. I pictured my own version of Bellevue without the textured body; however, the more I look at this, the more I think the texture is actually really flattering. If I chose a busier heather-style yarn, I would consider stocking stitch instead. Otherwise, knit as is 🙂

Also, kudos to Twist on the horse-filled photo shoot! My 12-year-old self is all in a tizzy!