I can be so silly sometimes.

There is an elephant in the room now, but I am happy to introduce it. See the socks above? They are obviously different lengths. In fact, so obvious is this difference in lengths, you would probably be very surprised to learn that I spent a great deal of effort to ensure they would be the very same length. The barista in Starbucks must have thought he’d given caffeine to a crazy woman, as I anxiously compared lengths of socks in every way: laid flat on the table, hung upside down by the toe, stretched longways and wideways, placed side to side and on then top of each other… but not once did I try them on at the same time!

Copyright Sachin Ghodke: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/sachyn

While in Starbucks, I was surprised to find that I had somehow knit too many rows of the cable pattern. In my disbelief I compared the sock lengths again. And again. And after frogging back a little bit, I compared again. And then again. Everything looked good!

The next day, I confidently finished off the 2×2 rib cuff, bound off, and proudly placed my socks side by side, finished. That’s when the elephant lumbered into the room.

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