Edinburgh had a little cold snap recently. A thick layer of unrelenting gray cloud overstayed its welcome last week, and while I did celebrate the lack of rain during that period, my icy cold feet in the evenings meant I shivered as I tried to fall asleep each night. I always wear socks to bed (“cold feet, warm heart” I say) but I thought it was time to bring wool into the equation.

I wanted something in aran weight (I had some brown Cascade 220 kicking about), and with cables for extra warmth. I typed in those parameters, and came up with… a pattern called “toe-up cable bed socks“! I’ve never heard of actual “bed socks” before, but I think the idea of socks without heels (so they can twist at night, without being uncomfortable) sounds great. Also, This is also the first time I’ve committed to knitting cables without a cable needle. Perhaps because of the size of cables I’ve knit, or the slipperiness of the yarn I used, I have always felt that using a cable needle was actually easier than not. However, the smallness of the C4Fs combined with the Cascade 220 means this is the perfect pattern for leaving out that cable needle.

 I’m halfway up one sock; hopefully by the start of next week, I can sleep cozily!