When I visit a new yarn shop, especially when traveling, I love to buy something to remind me of that shop and that trip. Usually, I restrict myself to a single hank or skein because of economics, but also because I usually choose a pattern and then choose its yarn, particularly with large projects.

Memories of my visit to The Yarn Cake, in Glasgow

However, when visiting Balls and Skeins in Sebastopol, California, this summer, I broke from personal tradition, and decided to stash for a sweater or cardigan. I went for some fabulously red Cascade 220, which is certainly not a specialty yarn, and something found in most yarn shops in my area of California, but the cardigan I eventually made from it reminds me of that lovely time afternoon with my sisters.

I had been dreaming of a cropped cardigan when I bought my yarn, and after a pattern search on Ravelry, I realized I had already queued the sweater I wanted to make: Miette, a top-down cardigan with a little bit o’ lace. I knit most of it up during my week of ICU at the vet school, which was surprisingly productive, as I spent a lot of time stuck in the student flat, without a television or computer. It felt like a week of summer camp. The other students may have teased me a bit, and called me an old lady, but as I now have a warm and chic red cardigan: in the immortal words of Alan Partridge, it was I who had the last laugh!

Knitted cardigans make me happy!

Project: Haima