I think I like bottom-up shawls.

Maybe this new preference is a natural result from the slog that was my Lennox. I like that shawl, I’m pleased with the result, and I’m glad I made it. But, my excitement when I completed my first repeat of the lace pattern was long gone by the time I finished my second, and realized that the steady growth in number of stitches meant a very distant finish date.

However, Damask is a very different pattern. The decreasing number of stitches for each RS row was a pleasant change, but the moderate complexity of the pattern was what held my interest throughout. When I did drop a stitch, ‘reading’ my work was simple enough, and I didn’t have to frog three rows and curse the knitting gods for my blunder.

A quick note on the yarn: I bought it off of Etsy because I was craving a really nice green sock wool, a proper green that didn’t lower itself to a teal or turquoise. The skein I bought is not only the perfect color (I can’t capture it’s GREENNESS on my camera, but it’s fantastic) but the yarn itself is soft and squishy and stretchy and wonderful. I’ve been burned before when buying wool online, but when I hit the occasional jackpot, it’s easy to casually forget my past mistakes.

Project: Olea
Pattern: Damask by Kitman Figueroa
Yarn: Dye For Wool ‘I know what happened to the olive’