I am ever so pleased to report that I finished my Ishbel shawl.


Finishing something feels so good. The last 6 or so rows were completed at my University’s new canteen, with a machine latte and a perfect view of the Pentland Hills. It was a Friday afternoon, so the canteen was quiet, with only a few devoted students studying and the odd clinician on a coffee break. As I was binding off, a woman who works in the canteen came over to chat about crafting – she’s more for crochet and sewing, but we still nattered on about yarn, patterns, the joy of making things, etc. I love knitting in public, as other knitters and crafters are always so excited to come over and chat.


I suppose I should focus on finishing my Buckwheat, or my socks-that-will-never-be-finished, but instead I cast on for Damask. I suppose I’m a glutton for punishment.

Project: Lennox
Yarn: Crannog by The Yarn Yard (absolutely gorgeous stuff, but I can’t get it to photograph correctly!)