I started this jumper back in October (of 2010) and worked diligently on it until the beginning of December, when a certain half-finished Christmas present and my impending exam meant I had no choice but to place my work in my knitting basket and let it ferment. As I studied into the wee hours of the morning, I would see the reindeer sulking in the corner, demanding an explanation as to why they wouldn’t be allowed to trot across the UK during the holiday season. Rather rudely, they informed me that I would look very silly, wearing a Christmas jumper in February. When I told them to be patient, and that they would certainly be able to celebrate the holidays in 2011, they shut up for a while – but only for a while.

I spent Christmas very much Reindeer-less down South, in Cornwall, and knit away at a lovely purple cable scarf, and a pair of soft, angora green mittens. The jumper remained back in Edinburgh, and I must admit I had some difficulty motivating myself to finish the final piece of the project when I returned. Eventually, the growing tinge of guilt I felt every time my knitting friends asked me about my progress, was enough to force me to sit down one evening and crack on with it. Besides, it is a rather thick garment, and it was taking up far too much space in my knitting basket. After casting on the final sleeve, I seemed to fly through it. The reindeer were pleased: finally, some peace and quiet!

Sorry for the terrible quality - I can't quite manage a well-focused picture and the timer function at the same time!

Thus, my 2010 Christmas Jumper became my rather uneventful February 2011 Jumper, but this is not the last time a knitter misses a self-imposed deadline. Not this knitter, certainly.

There’s not too much to say about the jumper in the end. It is decidedly shorter in the torso than I like my tops, but I will live with this. It is wonderfully warm. I did not enjoy sewing in the sleeves (and may even re-do one of them someday, if I get the gumption) but I am pleased that I taught myself how to sew together a garment. I have resolved that the critters at the top are probably reindeer, although I am willing to consider them as non-specific antlered creatures, if anyone disagrees with my opinion.

Finally, one rather goofy picture of me that I thought I might share. Did you know that hand-knitted fair isle jumpers turn me into a 1950s pop culture icon?

Fair Isle Marilyn

Project: Antler’d
Pattern: Homestead