Question Time!

1. What are your favorite things to knit?
I like to knit whatever I haven’t knitted in a while! After a stream of small, single-skein projects, I am definitely on a sweater kick right now. By the end, I’ll be craving the immediacy of a quick knit.

2. What yarn/fiber do you like most?
Real wool, baby! My three favorite indie dyers are: Ripple Crafts, Abstract Cat Crafts (on folksy and misi), and The Yarn Yard. I also love Rowan Alpaca, mmm.

3. What needles do you tend to use?
I have an assortment, mostly Pryms (my favorite.) I would like a set of interchangeables, but can’t make up my mind what I want!

4. Do you tend to knit more in one specific part of the year than others?
Scotland it sufficiently cold year ’round that one doesn’t need to modify knitting habits too much….

5. What style of knitting do you use?
English and Continental, thought mostly the former.

6. Do you consider yourself a “fast” knitter?
No way.

7. Who is your favorite knitting author?
I love Kate Davies as a designer and a blogger. She often takes a historical perspective on fashion and the traditional crafts, and is as entertaining as she is informative. Plus her patterns are genius.

8. What is your favorite by said author?
I love my Manu more every time I wear it. I can’t wait for her pattern for Deco.

9. How long ago did you learn to knit?
It’s been 10 months, though I’ve crocheted for a while before that.

10. How do you knit small in-the-round objects? DPNs, magic loop, etc?
The rule is, with whatever needles I possess. I have DPNs in some sizes and long circulars for others, I’m really not fussy.

Long-tail tubular cast-on edge

11. What is the most useful technique you’ve learned so far?
I am currently in LOVE with the Long Tail Cast-On, which creates a very clever edge for items that start with ribbing. At the other end, Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off creates the perfect finish for the cuff of toe-up socks. I am tempted to sneak it in to everything now, actually.

12. Do you prefer to knit fine gauge items, mid-range gauge items, or large gauge items, or do you like it all?
I’m not too keen on big, chunky knits. Otherwise, I like a bit of variety. Perhaps it’s my love of Rowan patterns, but I do often find myself in fairly fine gauge knits with DK yarn.

13. How do you like to knit your sweaters?
Top-down seamless it clearly the most useful, but I just let the pattern take me where it wants to go. (There’s always a new technique worth learning!)

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