My Scottish friend pointed out to me the other day that Edinburgh seems to have skipped its autumn, save for a very rainy and trying week. The foliage, forgetting to check its calendar and assuming that the cold weather meant it was time to transition, has promptly become golden and and begun its kamikaze descent over the sidewalks. I don’t mind these changes, but the ice I saw out at the vet school on Monday was a reminder of lat year’s exceptionally chilly winter. Does this early cold spell suggest another particularly icy end to the year?

Autumn in Edinburgh

Remembering the shock of seeing my own breath within my flat last winter, I felt justified in planning all sorts of sweaters for this year. I like sweaters anyway: they become small marathons that I become obsessed with completing. There’s a pullover on the needles right now, which is very satisfying to knit, but I’ve recently been itching for an Aran jumper as well. Gwendolyn is already in my queue, after I fell in love with its cozy, country look and clever addition of a hood. But perhaps it was the Irish folk band on Cerys Matthews this morning, because now my mind is filled with images of something a bit more traditional

Once again, I have fallen in love with a Twist Collective pattern: Skara-Brae. It’s full of intricate cables and would look fantastic in something tweedy, like my go-to New Lanark yarn; meanwhile, the cables are not so bulky that it would add 10 inches to my middle. And the name, Skara Brae, refers to a neolithic site in the Orkney Islands that I have fond memories of visiting during my first summer in Scotland. It feels like kismet to me. Now the debate turns to the color….