The appeal of knitting socks for me is the convenience. I can carry them easily in my purse, the pattern is often easy to memorize or at least simple enough to write down on a small piece of paper, and they are best done in bits and pieces.


I spent over a month working on my recently finished socks, not because they were difficult or time-consuming, but because I liked to set them down quite frequently. They worked well for my knitting groups, but they weren’t my primary project, and I treated them as such. However, I’m glad to have them finished, because the second sock was starting to get a bit tedious. Its mate had been finished weeks before, and it looked at me with lonely eyes from the knitting pile, begging for a reunion. I wanted that happy ending to their story, but I also have a most lovely jumper that demands my love and attention. I have a hard time not playing favorites.

Project: Emmie
Pattern: Twisted Baskets
Yarn: from Ripples Crafts