I have a funky little pencil case in which I carry my various knitting supplies around town, and I’m quite proud of the collection of goods it contains.

Still, it’s such a hassle to dig in the little case to find exactly what you need, when you need it. My solution: like the character Wolverine from the X-Men, I would like claws implanted into my hand; however, rather than adamantium, I prefer 3.5mm and 4.0mm crochet hooks, a (detachable) darning needle, a tape measure, and a pair of scissors, to extend at my will.

I suppose you could compare my new super-hands to a knitter’s Swiss army knife, and that would be reasonable. However, they would not be reminiscent of Inspector Gadget. Yuck.

By the way, this is further proof that knitting is eating my brain.*
*and i likes it