I sat down tonight intent on finally finishing the heel on my second sock, which had been mostly abandoned since Thursday night. I want these dang socks finished before starting on another pair for my Socktoberfest challenge (more on this later), and after the heel it’s on to the ankle, which would suit a knitting group night.

The end was in sight for my heel flap (it’s knitted in Eye-of Partridge stitch, which I love) when I realized that I had placed my markers in the wrong place from the start. Because I had 10 stitches on one part of the partially-worked heel and 6 on the other. So. My heel would be totally crooked and I couldn’t finish working the flap correctly.


The entire heel needed ripping out on the first sock as well, making my sock-making career thus far a rather aggravating affair, but perhaps socks 5 and 6 will be success stories. Or, at least one of them might be.