I’m leaving the country in a few hours to attend a friend’s wedding in the US, so I wanted something quick and easy to work on. Regrettably, I can’t bring my knitting gear on my carry-on luggage, so I’m facing a knit-free week! My Ishbel shawl in-process will sit, unattended to, until my return, and logically I shouldn’t start anything else large and complicated to also abandon during this interval.

So, instead I knit a modern tea cozy, which also served as a nice introduction to colorwork. I used big wooden DPNs and some really cheap DK acrylic, and watched a marathon of QI episodes while I worked with two strands of yarn, held in two hands. It was challenging work, but I learned a lot. For example, did you know that – despite divergent evolution in two entirely distinct areas of the world – koalas and humans share a fingerprint so similar in design that technology cannot distinguish a difference? The relationship is even closer than that between human and orangutan fingerprints. In a minutely related note, the word for the study of finger prints, dermatoglyphics, does not repeat any letters, making it one of the longest in the English language not to do so.

But, back to colorwork: while not a work of art, this little cozy has whet my appetite for fair isle work. I just need to learn how to purl continental style.