Mary Jane is a nice, simple top-down, raglan-style pullover, with puffy sleeves and ‘snake stitch’ rows to add some flavor. I had bought the yarn at a very good price with a cardigan in mind, but I couldn’t find anything using the weight and meterage that I wanted in a design that I liked. I thought about designing something myself – my first design effort – and then realized I didn’t want to spoil such nice alpaca.

The end result is soft and drape-y and lovely. I foolishly picked up the stitches for the neck in the front instead of the back, so I need to decide how to smooth out the awkward bump in one corner. Otherwise it’s even better than I pictured it in my head, which is a first for me!

Pink is such a dangerous color for us fair-skinned folk. I think the short, puffy sleeves make it clear that this sweater is supposed to be a bit romantic, so the soft, muted pink only adds to the drama. I wore it today for the first time, and it definitely added a bounce to my skip, because I felt so silly and girly. And proud.

I’m quite a large girl, so I knitted the XL. I certainly don’t have small arms, nor is my bust small (see above gratuitous photo) but the raglan increases weren’t really appropriate for the fit. I feel like the designer threw together a small before doing some math to figure out the larger sizes. I raised the neckline about 4 rows but in hindsight, another 10 might have been nice, and while I attempted a 3/4 sleeve, it was way too pouffy and garish. All of this was mentioned in the comments, but like so much of knitting, you only really learn your lesson after you’ve made your mistakes. Meh.

Anyway, I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t like this pattern – quite the contrary, actually. While I had to change the lengths of the stockinette stitch sections in order to incorporate the back shaping (and if you have any curve to you, I strongly recommend back shaping!) it was easy to see the construction of the torso, and decide how you might change it while keeping it aesthetically pleasing. I find a lot on ravelry to look nice on the XS models and fail on me, but just a few simple mods made this look really great for my shape.

Go me!

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