Oh no, not another knitting blog!

I know there are too many knitting blogs, because every knitting pun I considered for a blog name was already taken, from the instantly obvious to the painfully not so. Equally sparse were unused bits of knitting terminology, although I didn’t have the heart to google ‘k5tog,’ because the thought of typing that login every day causes my index fingers to physically ache.

Worst of all, my brain became a factory of utter nonsense while it was being racked for a bit of brilliance, and despite my best efforts to cast it deep into the trash pile, ‘knit taco’ kept resurfacing in my mind. That clearly wouldn’t do, because it doesn’t mean anything at all; it only kept resurfacing because I liked how it sounded. However, in my mind I was pronouncing it almost as if one word, along the lines of ‘knittàco,’ which sounds either like a Central American country, or perhaps a Soviet spy who spends her time with ‘Borisrito.’ Besides, as much as I love double entendres, ‘taco’ lends itself far too easily to a certain lewdness that I didn’t want associated with my blog. I have enough self-disparaging commentary to direct toward myself, thanksverymuch. Keep your taco jokes away from me.

So, I went with ‘Stinging Needle,’ which means I will show up in relation to heroin on google searches, but this is all part of the Master Plan to make knitting edgy. Taco is not okay. Needle is.